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YEE DONG CO., LTD. to produce hexagonal key wrenches. We are a pioneer in the field and the largest hexagonal key wrench manufacturer in the northern part of Taiwan. In 2003, we invented an all new Ratchet Adjustable Wrench for our customers. In 2017, we have a new Speedy Holder to satisfy the customers finding the new things.

We provide our customers with superior products. The quality has been established through years of experience in this field, especially in terms of the thermo-process and research in metal characteristics, which ensures that our products comply with all kinds of specifications and requirements.

Additionally, we have strong R&D capabilities with more than 40 years of OEM experience to provide both aesthetic and technical services to our customers.

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薏棟有限公司   YEE DONG CO., LTD.
B-Building ,No. 1-1, Aly. 45, Ln. 219, Junying St., Shulin Dist., New Taipei City 238023 , Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2901-9331     Fax: 886-2-2202-9633      E-mail: yeedong.ltd@gmail.com, archer66@ms45.hinet.net